a fashionista in the making

knockoff lv Oh my goodness, I don’t know what to make of these knockoff LV’s. It’s like walking a tightrope between style and a swindling false sense of security that can get one in pretty deep trouble. In the sense of fashion, there just isn’t a comparison. Yea, I mean, sure, they might look similar, but there is no denying the original quality of the Louis Vuitton pieces. And for the real fashion enthusiast, the details are key and a difference in a monogram texture can be the determining factor.

As I’ve been shopping around for a good knockoff option, I find myself a bit lost. Sure, the price is a bit more attractive than that of the real deal, but then there’s something in the back of my mind that questions the integrity of it all. It’s not right to copy off another person’s work, and I don’t want to contribute to global counterfeiting that only serves the wrong people. Ugh, but it’s so hard when there are no real sources of inspiration that are in good moral guidelines.

I guess the thing I’m trying to figure out as I’m bouncing around the web, is if I’m just being silly and small-minded for not being able to rationalize supporting these things. Is it okay to indulge in something when it’s made unethically? I am really struggling with this. It’s like playing with fire or something.

And so, like all things in life, I guess we have to make our own choices.However, a part of me says that if I’m just paying attention to the labels, I’m probably losing out on even better options that don’t involve shady production agents or low quality “inspirations” that just do not reflect the original works of art.

So here I am, a fashionista in the making, trying to make sense of it all. After all, my decisions and choices reflect who I am, how I think and where I’m headed. Am I more of a trend-follower, or more of an innovator? Am I somebody who supports originality and hard work,as in one who who works to out do the originals? Or am I a person who simply looks for the quick fix and clutches to the latest trends and fads?

Well, from what I’ve observed, it’s certainly not all black and white. In the end, knockoff Louis Vuitton items owe their existence to the much loved originals. But there are also works of art and creativity that are out of our reach, sitting in the museum coffers awaiting appreciation, if only the costs didn’t tower quite so high. So, I think it all boils down to my own ambition — how much I’m willing to go for something I love.

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